Guest Policy FAQ’s

Members are welcome to bring their guests to enjoy the day with them at the Carlisle Swim Club!   Here are answers to some of our most Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the costs to bring a Guest to the Swim Club?
2021 Guest Fees:
All Guests = $10 per day
Children Under 2 Swim FREE!

Do you offer discounted passes?
Yes – Three visit Guest Passes can be purchased from a manger for $20.  This is a savings of $10!

How old do you have to be to sign in a Guest?
Only members 16 years of age and older may sign in guests.  Guests who have not yet completed the second grade may only be signed in by adult members (i.e. members 18 years or older.)

Can I sign in a guest and leave them at the pool without me?
No – all guests must leave when the member who signed them in leaves the pool.  Members are responsible for the guests that they bring to the pool.

I have a babysitter who watches my children during the day – is there a special pass I can purchase for them?
Yes – there is a special Babysitter Pass available for sitters 16 years of age or older.  Each pass costs $125, and can be submitted with the application available here!  Please note that Babysitters are considered guests of the Swim Club, and the pass is not valid unless they are with the member’s children.

I watch my grandchild most days during the summer, but they are not members of the pool.  How can I bring them to enjoy the Swim Club with me?
Non-Member passes for grandchildren can be purchased through the Manager for $125. Please include this application with your payment: 2020 Non-Member Child Application