Rules & Regulations


Certain rules and regulations have been established for the protection and benefit of all members.  This is your pool and no set of rules can be any more effective than your adherence to them.  The Swim Club Board is the ultimate authority in the enforcement of all rules set forth below.

Parent, please instruct your children and urge them to observe all rules and obey the instructions of the pool manager and all other employees.

The manager and other authorized personnel are responsible for the enforcement of all rules and regulations of the Carlisle Swim Club.

Any violation of these rules shall be considered sufficient cause for the immediate suspension of pool privileges for the offending members.  Successive violations may be considered cause for cancellation of membership.


  1. All members shall enter the club grounds only through the regular entrance.
  2. All vehicles shall be properly parked in the spaces provided for such use.
  3. Pool hours:
    1. 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. daily, weather permitting. All pool closures for weather are at the discretion of the pool manager on duty.  Every reasonable attempt will be made to keep the pool hours consistent.
    2. All private and group lessons must be conducted before 2:00 p.m. or after 6:00 p.m. each day. No lessons in the adult lap lanes if an adult member seeks to use the lane for lap swimming.
    3. The pool may be closed for maintenance or emergencies at the discretion of the Manager or the Board of Directors.
    4. The use of the pool in the absence of an authorized lifeguard is strictly prohibited.
  4. No members will be admitted without presenting membership cards. All members will be issued membership cards that must be shown to the attendant at the pool entrance when members sign the daily register.  Membership cards are not transferable and adult cards cannot be used for children and vice versa.  Lost cards will be replaced by a small fee of ten dollars ($10.00) will be charged and the card will be marked duplicate.
  5. Guests:
    1. Local guests, residing within a 25 mile radius of the Swim Club facilities, are restricted to five admissions per season. The number of admissions for out of town guests will be at the discretion of the pool manager.
    2. Only members 16 years of age and older may sign in guests. All guests must leave when the member who signed them in leaves the pool.  Guests who have not yet completed the second grade may only be signed in by adult members (i.e. members 18 years or older).
    3. Guests must abide by the same rules and regulations as members and are responsibility of members who bring them.
    4. Guests will be charged the following:
      1. Adults and Children $10.00
      2. Children under two years of age are admitted free
  6. The Babysitter Pass is available only to:
    1. Two parent/grandparent/caretaker families in which each parent is gainfully employed for 25 hours or more per week during the swim season; or
    2. Single parent/grandparent/caretaker families in which the adult caretaker is gainfully employed for 25 hours or more per week during the swim season.

These members may apply by letter to the pool manager for a special non-member babysitter pass to be issued for the full summer.  The fee for this pass will be $125.00.

  • The letter of application must identify the baby-sitter by name, address, age and phone number.
  • The baby-sitter must have reached his/her sixteenth year on or before the scheduled opening day of the season and a copy of normally accepted proof of age must be submitted to the pool manager with the letter of application.
  • The baby-sitter shall not be considered a member of the pool. He/she will be issued a special card that must be presented to the manager on duty upon arrival and picked up upon departure each day.
  • The baby-sitter shall be required to leave the pool area when either or both of the parents/caretakers are present. It shall be the responsibility of the parents/caretakers to see that this rule is followed.  Failure to abide by this rule will result in suspension of the member(s) from the program without refund.
  • If, at any time during the swim season, the babysitter leaves the employ of the members, the members shall immediately notify the manager and the card shall be returned. A new babysitter (meeting the criteria set forth above) may be substituted upon application and upon payment of a $10.00 card and registration fee.
  1. No social organization or non family member affiliated group or association shall be admitted to pool facilities with guest privileges. All family guests exceeding five will be admitted at the discretion of the pool manager.
  2. The following health and safety rules must be observed in the use of the pools and grounds.
    1. No glass containers of any kind shall be permitted in the pool or recreation areas.
    2. No running, pushing, wrestling or rough-housing shall be allowed in or about the pool area.
    3. No pets allowed.
    4. Admission may be refused to anyone with skin abrasions, colds, coughs, inflamed eyes, athlete’s foot or to persons wearing bandages.
    5. Children using the kiddie pool shall be ages 10 and under only. Use of the frog slide is limited to children ages 7 and under.
    6. Children under the age of 13 years, prior to the opening day of the swim season, must be accompanied by a member 15 years or older who assumes responsibility for their safety and conduct at the pool. Individuals found irresponsible will be asked to leave the pool.
    7. Expectorating and blowing of nose in pool is prohibited. No spitting in pool, deck or pool grounds.
    8. Do not talk to life guards unless necessary. They are on duty to protect you and your children and when you engage them in conversation, you interfere with their effectiveness and possibly endanger the life of others.
    9. All sunbathing must be confined to lawn areas.
    10. The zero entrance handicapped ramp may not be obstructed by parents watching their children or children using it as a play area.
    11. All pool activities will be regulated by the pool management and the Board of Directors.
  3. The Carlisle Swim Club shall not be responsible for any accident, injury, theft, personal injury, personal loss or damage to personal property on the premises of the Club. Each member will be REQUIRED to sign an INFORMED CONSENT/LIABILITY WAIVER /RELEASE AGREEMENT form before receiving their annual membership cards every year. Signing this form is a condition of membership to the club. If you choose not to sign the waiver, you will not be considered a member of the club and will not be allowed admission into the club. Furthermore, your bond will be revoked in full.
  4. The cost of any Club property damage shall be charged to the responsible active member.
  5. No intoxicating beverages are permitted on Carlisle Swim Club property, with the exception of specific Club sponsored events when alcohol can be brought onto the premises only as authorized by the Board of Directors.
  6. No profane or abusive language will be permitted.
  7. All refuse must be placed in the containers provided for such purposes.
  8. Smoking is not permitted inside the pool area.
  9. The use of life jackets, inflated tubes or toys shall be at the discretion of the life guard on duty. Snorkel equipment may not be used at any time.
  10. The throwing of objects (balls, diving toys) into the pool is permitted only at the discretion of the life guard, based upon number of people in the pool at the time.
  11. Only authorized persons are permitted in the concession stand and office.
  12. Recreational areas.
    1. Games and picnicking shall be confined to designated areas.
    2. All activities in the recreational area must be conducted so as not to interfere with use by the membership at large and may be curtailed at the discretion of the pool manager for proper reasons.
    3. All cooking must be confined to the designated cooking area, and the disposal of ashes and refuse made in the containers provided.
  13. All dues shall be payable by May 1 of each year. Resignation from membership does not relieve the annual dues obligation unless such resignation has been tendered and accepted by the Board of Directors prior to the opening of the swimming season.  Late fees may be charged for any dues received after Memorial Day, regardless of date.
  14. Chairs and personal belongings left at the pool at the close of the season will be donated to a local charity.
  15. These rules may be revised or additional rules established at any time by the Board of Directors.